TED® Duct Rod - Cableblitz FTTH 3mm lg 30m + accessories

The Cable-blitz TED micro-needle has been specially designed for FTTH connection. Essential for your cable and optical wire-pulling operations in conduits, this subscriber-pulling needle offers great versatility. 

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Its advantage: its specific FTTH flexible guide head with a diameter of 4mm is the solution for deployments in ICTA ducts already equipped with a cable (telecoms, video, service control, etc.).


This high-quality fibreglass microneedle pushes the boundaries of routing during FTTH deployments in already occupied ducts with its smallest flexible guide head in the range.


Its handle makes it easy to transport and its robust casing protects it during your travels and deployments.


The Ø 3mm fibreglass rod is equipped at each end with a threaded end on which you can screw a guide head, a mini wire puller or a pulling eyelet.


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High-quality fibreglass
rod Threaded ends: M5

Accessories supplied:

  • FTTH 4mm special flexible guide head
  • 10mm flexible guide head
  • 1 pulling eyelet

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 15536
  • Product code
  • 15536