7U LISA Fibre Chassis - Left

LISA fibre chassis left for up to 15 LISA fibre cassettes, 7U, Black.


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The LISA system differs from conventional 19" panels as it is fully accessible from the front. This means that users can install or remove LISA cassettes simply by sliding them outwards, without having to access the back of the Patching the LISA rack is quick and easy, and a dedicated patch cord storage area allows users to patch “from anywhere” with just two lengths of patch cords.



  • Integration of pigtail splicing, splice through, MTP transition and splitter cassettes

  • Up to 72 fibres / 36 duplex LC ports per height unit

  • Horizontal fibre cassette mounting maximises available height in the rack

  • For up to 2 conduits per fibre cassette

  • Universal fixing plate for up to 4 MTP adapters

  • Universal fixing plate for up to 4 conduits with diameter 4mm or 5mm - special conduit clips included

  • Integral service loop for patch cords

  • Horizontal and vertical patch cord guides

  • Integrated patch cord mandrels for bend-radius protection

  • Patch cord retaining ring ensures safe strain relief of patch cords as exiting the unit

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • H00480
  • Product code
  • H00480
  • MPN
  • 85109665


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