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Rod Duct No.1 24mm 3m
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Product Code: E3379
Drawrope No.1
 In stock
Product Code: E3490
Stripper Dropwire Fibre 36 - Red
 In stock
Splice Protection Sleeves
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Product Code: F4201 - F4202
Fusion Splicer INNO View8+ with Cleaver V7+
 In stock
OTDR INNO View 500
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Product Code: F4530
OTDR INNO Mini 2 with SOLA, VFL and Light Source SC/APC
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Stripper Cable Sheath Dropwire 36F ULW
 In stock
Fibre Toolkit for GPON
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Product Code: W4100
Cable Blowing Machine JetStream
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Kaeser M17A Compressor 15bar with Aftercooler
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INNO Fusion Splicer Inspection and Calibration
 2-3 days
Universal Work Tray Table for Splicing - Unico Mobile
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Cable Dispenser RunpoTec X-BOARD - XB 500 - Load 800kg
 In stock
Air Blown Fiber Installation Tool
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Label 'Caution Overhead Fibre' for Poles - Pack of 10
 In stock
Wipes Clinical Sanitising - Pack of 200
 In stock
Fusion Splicer INNO View6S with Cleaver V7+
 In stock
Cable Strip & Ring Tool (1.2 mm - 7.5 mm)
 In stock
Mid Span Slitter (1.2 mm-3.3 mm)
 In stock
Anchor Stay No.2 Rod Set Install Kit ER2
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Anchor Stay No.2 Stressing Jack SJ1
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Universal Pole Bracket (UPB)
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Hypoclamp F Aerial Drop Clamp
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