Aluminium Strips

Used in conjunction with Nails Bonding and Washer Galvanised 19. Supplied in packs of 25.
Product code: E2045 - E2046
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Aluminium Strips 80 mm pkt 25
Product model: E2045-80
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Unit of Issue Pack of 25
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Aluminium Strips


Aluminium Strips are essential for securing Nails Bonding and Washer Galvanised 19 effectively. Each pack contains 25 strips, ensuring ample supply for various construction and fastening applications.

Ideal for reinforcing and stabilising joints, these aluminium strips provide robust support and durability. Their versatile use extends across construction projects, offering reliable performance and ease of installation.


Key Features:


  • Used with Nails Bonding and Washer Galvanised 19
  • Pack of 25 strips for sufficient supply
  • Enhances joint stability and reinforcement
  • Versatile application in construction projects

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • E2045 - E2046
  • Product code
  • E2045 - E2046