TED® Tool Backpack

This backpack is ideal for engineers carrying light tools or a few materials. It has been designed to offer a comfortable means of transport and clever storage of professional tools.

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 For this, it has two large interior pockets with ten slots. They allow orderly storage of hand tools. The front flap enlarges the bag's opening for easier access to its contents. 


The bag also contains a waterproof inner pocket and an outer pocket for storing a bag of screws, dowels, small notebooks or any other small equipment. Side pockets allow for additional storage and a reinforced base. The backpack has padded shoulder straps and back for extra comfort when carrying.


Optimised storage: 

  • Two large inside pockets with around ten slots
  • One inside pocket, one outside pocket
  • Additional storage on the sides

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 32080
  • Product code
  • 32080