Our brands

Telenco UK brings a whole universe of innovative products for the rollout and the maintenance of fibre optic and copper wired networks. To provide telecom players only with the most relevant solutions, the company has built its offer around 4 in-house brands: Telenco®, Eline®, Droptic® and TED Equipement®. Products marketed under these 4 names are the quintessence of the Telenco know-how, acquired in more than 2 decades of relentless work at the side of telecom players from across the world. Each one of the Telenco brands includes full ranges of products, developed to meet different performance and installation requirements. Moreover, the Telenco brands are constantly enlarging with new solutions, engineered to address the latest and locally specific challenges of next generation network deployments.

Telenco® is an internationally well-known brand representing the very core of the Telenco business: anchoring systems for overhead telecom cable lines.

Under this first brand of the Telenco Group, our expert design office develops rugged and reliable pole line hardware and pole line fittings, as well as a large choice of anchoring, drop and suspension cable clamps. All Telenco® solutions are made to enhance installations by offering a streamlined design, great adaptability and optimised ergonomics.

Telenco® cable clamps are engineered and manufactured by respecting the principle of captive parts. As we are inspired by the day-to-day work life of telecom field engineers, we know the value of time during interventions. To meet the exact needs of telecom field installers, we provide easy to set up equipment, composed only of essential elements that are solidly linked between.

Both our pole line hardware and our cable clamp solutions are developed to adapt to every network configuration. Likewise, our ranges of cable clamps are developed as compatible and perfectly fitting with ADSS round cables, flat FO cables or figure-8 cables. Moreover, each range of Telenco® products includes as many versions as mechanical, environmental and climatic identified constraints.

Droptic® brand includes a full range of FTTP /FTTH cabling systems. Optical drops marketed under this name are built with bend insensitive fibre. Manufactured in our European production units, our FO cables are compliant with IEC standards and the Construction Products Regulation.

To reliably bring fibre optic from an outside plant Point of Presence or a Fibre Concentration Point to the subscribers’ premises, Droptic® cables are available with different constructions for:

Outdoor applications
Indoor applications
Indoor- outdoor applications.

To meet the outside plant fibre optic roll-outs’ needs, our engineers have developed rugged drop cabling systems for aerial and underground layouts. In the Droptic® catalogue you will also find indoor LSZH FR drop cables.

To enhance inter-changeability and versatility, Telenco also offers dual sheathed drop cables. These Droptic® cabling solutions (lien LM4) present a HDPE outer sheath that can be stripped off in a couple of seconds and without using any specific tools. FTTP networks can thus be run without discontinuity from the Optical Exchange to the subscriber’s active equipment. As no splicing is required, this guarantees an optimal optic budget. One single drop reference does it all: whether your network requires an aerial, facade, duct or indoor cable layout.

Eline® is a brand of ingenious connectivity solutions. It includes optical distribution, transition and terminal boxes used for enabling FO customer connections in:

low-density or high-density areas
old or recent premises,
MDUs or SDUs.
Under the Eline® brand, the telecom engineering design office of Telenco develops last mile access boxes and vertical cabling solutions for overcoming the challenges of FTTP / FTTH network deployments. In the design of Eline® optical closures and terminals we focus on the reliability, scalability and the perfect mix between design and performances.

All Eline® solutions respect a sleek, elegant design in order to enhance fibre optic installations and to blend in with the environment.

Eline® connectivity solutions are also made to allow for high optical performances, notably by respecting the bending radii and ensuring an increased mechanical protection. As all of our solutions, Eline® optical boxes are made to offer an optimised installation time and easier re-interventions.

To enhance network scalability, Eline® FO connectivity boxes and terminals are available in a variety of versions: bare, pre-terminated, pre-cabled, in diffent sizes and for various fibre count.

TED Equipement® - is the brand that brings safety, comfort and better working conditions to telecom network engineers. All TED Equipement® are the concrete result of our ambition to support field professionals by providing them with the most suitable tools and equipments for their day-to-day jobs.

The TED Equipement® brand is based on 4 core values, in line with the global requirements of the telecommunications market:


The development of each and every TED Equipement® product requires an in-depth upstream reflection on the needs and challenges that telecom field engineers may experience during their interventions. By working by their side, understanding and considering their issues, our telecom experts develop solutions meeting precise functional criteria.


We understand that being performant also requires well-being at work. This is why our product leaders put safety and comfort above all. The TED Equipement® range includes ergonomic and qualitative products in harmony with the daily gestures of telecom network engineers.


Investing into high-end products, developed with first class materials, is in our view, the only way to ensure the sustainability of tomorrow networks. TED Equipement® solutions are developed by respecting strict criteria of ruggedness and considering the installation environment and all relevant associated constraints: recurring practices, temperature variation, weather conditions, mechanical stress,… .