TED® Cabletwist pulling needle Ø 4mm - Length 30m

Twisted draw needle for winding paths, for the deployment of fibre optic cables.
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The Cabletwist TED subscriber pulling needle is designed to facilitate the deployment of Fibre Optic (FO) cables in indoor ducts with multiple elbows. 


Its synthetic composition makes it more flexible and particularly resistant even in the tightest curves. Its twisted monofilament structure allows it to significantly reduce the coefficient of friction in the sheath. It also gives it an effective transmission of torsion movements along the length of the needle to pass any blocking points. The cable twist is a simple tool offering intuitive use.


Without fibreglass, the risk of breakage during handling is almost zero. Its twisted design avoids the shape memory effect and ensures very good efficiency of the needle on routes up to 30m.

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  • 16608


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