Telenco AC35 L 360 : Anchoring clamp

Tool free installation of Ø 3 to 9mm figure-8 drop cables on poles or facades.

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Telenco AC35 L 360 : Anchoring clamp


Anchor clamps AC35L and AC68L enable the dead-ending on poles or facades of figure-8 drop cables Ø 3 to 9mm with rigid insulation deployed on distribution networks (spans up to 70m). They are thus an excellent choice for the termination of FTTH figure-8 cables with a rigid structure.





  • Minimum breaking load: 300daN
  • Material: thermoplastic, UV resistant  
  • Stainless steel bail 
  • Span: < 70m



Customer benefits:


  • Simple and fast installation, requiring no tools 
  • Efficient cable grip on 120mm surface due to conical wedges 
  • Suits all field configurations 
  • Installation with zero bend radius constraint 
  • Mounting on all pole line hardware with closed eye and min. Ø 15mm 

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 5674
  • Product code
  • 5674


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