TED® Trolley Tool Backpack

90° openable main pocket and removable storage slots.
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Introducing the TED® Trolley Tool Backpack, a versatile and innovative solution designed to streamline tool transportation for technicians and professionals. This multifunctional backpack combines the convenience of a trolley with the mobility of a backpack, offering maximum comfort and flexibility on the job.


Featuring a main pocket that opens at a 90° angle, the TED® Trolley Tool Backpack provides comprehensive and quick access to tools when needed. The bag includes removable storage compartments on each side, with approximately ten slots each, allowing for orderly storage tailored to individual preferences. These removable compartments can be easily taken out of the backpack using the integrated handles, facilitating quick and convenient access to tools.


The ingenious design of this backpack ensures optimal comfort and mobility. With a telescopic handle and transport wheels, technicians can effortlessly maneuver the backpack from one location to another. Meanwhile, the padded shoulder straps and back offer maximum comfort when carrying the backpack on the shoulders, providing flexibility for different transportation needs.


Optimised Storage Features:

  • 90° openable main pocket for comprehensive access
  • Removable storage compartments on each side with handles for easy access
  • Two outdoor storage pockets for additional storage options


Please note that the TED® Trolley Tool Backpack is supplied without tools, allowing professionals to customize their toolkit according to their specific requirements. Upgrade your tool transportation experience with the TED® Trolley Tool Backpack, designed to enhance efficiency and convenience for technicians on the go.

Technical characteristics

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  • 32081
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  • 32081


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