Hammer Pin - Cross Pein 8oz

The Hammer Pin - Cross Pein 8oz, a premium tool designed for precise nail and pin driving.
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Hammer Pin - Cross Pein 8oz

Introducing the Hammer Pin - Cross Pein 8oz, a premium tool meticulously crafted for precise nail and pin driving. Featuring a forged steel head with a polished and lacquered finish, this hammer ensures durability and reliable performance for various woodworking and construction tasks.

Product Features:


Forged Steel Head:

The hammer boasts a sturdy forged steel head, meticulously crafted for durability and precision in nail and pin driving applications.



Premium Ash Shaft:

Equipped with a premium ash shaft, this hammer provides excellent balance and control, enhancing the user experience during prolonged use.



Polished & Lacquered Head:

The head of the hammer is polished and lacquered, providing added protection against rust and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.



Varnished Handle:

The handle is varnished for water and dirt resistance, offering a comfortable and secure grip even in challenging working conditions.



  • Length:

  • Width:

  • Height:



  • 0.30kg

Upgrade your toolkit with the Hammer Pin - Cross Pein 8oz and experience precision, durability, and reliability in your woodworking and construction projects.

Technical characteristics

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  • Product code
  • W1108-08
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  • HA13


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