Hammer Joiner

Cross-pein headed hammer. Hickory handle.
Product code: W1116 - W1117
Hammer Joiner 12oz
Product model: W1116
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Hammer Joiner 16oz
Product model: W1117
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Introducing the Hammer Joiner, a reliable tool crafted for woodworking and joinery tasks. Featuring a cross pein head and a sturdy hickory handle, this hammer provides excellent control and precision for driving and shaping nails.



  • Cross Pein Head: The cross pein head of this hammer is perfect for accurately and securely driving nails into wood, making it essential for joinery work.

  • Hickory Handle: Made with a durable hickory handle, this hammer offers excellent shock absorption and durability, ensuring comfortable and reliable use over time.


Upgrade your woodworking toolkit with the Hammer Joiner and experience the precision and reliability needed for your joinery projects.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • W1116 - W1117
  • Product code
  • W1116 - W1117