VIAVI SmartPocket V2 OLP-39X TruePON Testers

VIAVI SmartPocket V2 OLP-39X TruePON Tester 
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The VIAVI SmartPocket V2 OLP-39X TruePON Tester revolutionises optical power measurement and data analysis for PON networks. With a single-mounted SC adapter, it offers simultaneous selective power measurement and TruePON PON-ID data analysis for G-PON (1490 nm) and XGS-PON (1577 nm) wavelengths.

Key Features:

  • Single test port connection enables dual-wavelength measurement.
  • Simultaneous power level measurements for G/E-PON & XGS-PON/10G-EPON services.
  • TruePON data analysis for OLT-ID, ODN class, and in-service insertion loss.
  • Storage capacity for over 1000 test results with PC download capability.
  • 4-way powering options: alkaline AA, NiMH AA rechargeable, AC power adapter, and power over USB.
  • 3-year recalibration period for enhanced efficiency and reliability.


  • Optical power level measurement for G/E-PON and XGS-PON/10G-EPON services.
  • Detection of OLT-ID information.
  • Multi-service PON deployment and installations.
  • Network Build and Maintenance for FTTH.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • Q6222
  • Product code
  • Q6222
  • MPN
  • OLP-39X


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