Steel banding tool pack including 1 BCT, 1 BTS, 1 Hammer

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  • 1 Standard straight nose aviation tin snips
  • 1 Riveting hammer 28mm with a composite handle 
  • 1 pair of cut-resistant safety gloves S.9 
  • 1 storage case 
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 This pack contains all the necessary material for the pole band installation using a screw banding tool type.


The pack includes 1 BTS Screw banding tool, 1 BCT: Aviation tin snips, 1 Riveting hammer 28mm with a composite handle, 1 Pair of high protection nitrile palm-coated work gloves, 1 Storage case for pole band tools, and high protection nitrile palm coated work gloves EVOLUTION ( In the telecom industry, the choice of work gloves adapted to the actual use is a safety warranty. That is why we offer you an entire range of products designed for cable handling and management.


TAEKI® High-performance nitrile-coated and polyethene fibre-made work gloves provide technicians with very good mechanical performances. The nitrile-coated palm and fingertips enable a very good grip on oily objects. The new TAEKI® fibre offers a very high level of anti-cut performance at the best value for the money. 

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