Punner Iron 10lb - Length 1400mm - Wooden Handle

Ideal for compacting earth, hardcore, and tarmac.
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Punner Iron 10lb - Length 1400mm - Wooden Handle

Introducing the Richard Carter Punner Iron 10lb with a Length of 1400mm and Wooden Handle, a versatile tool used for compacting earth, hardcore, and tarmac. Unlike mechanical rollers, it can be employed close to walls and corners without leaving a ridge, ensuring a smooth and even surface finish.


Key Features:

  • Versatile Usage:

    Perfect for compacting various materials including earth, hardcore, and tarmac, making it essential for construction and landscaping projects.


  • Precision Design:

    Compact size and wooden handle allow for precise and controlled compaction, even in tight spaces and around obstacles.


Product Specifications:


  • Handle Length:

    1400mm (48 inches) ASH
  • Product Weight:

    10lb (approximately 6kg)
  • Blade Size:

    5.1/4 inches wide x 5.1/4 inches long

Invest in the Punner Iron 10lb for efficient and effective compaction of materials, ensuring a professional finish in your construction and landscaping endeavors.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • W2174-W
  • Product code
  • W2174-W
  • MPN
  • 10SRAP


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