Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool (2.9mm-6.8mm)

Designed to provide easy access to optical fibres in outer jackets and buffer tubes.
Product code: W4317
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  • Consists of 5 precision slitting grooves and 5 precision ring grooves ranging in size from 2.9 mm to 6.8 mm
  • One side of the tool performs radial/ring cuts and the other side slits the cable (longitudinal cut)
  • The compact design weighing less than 2.5 oz with included tethering hole makes it perfect to use in tight spaces or on the go
  • The indicator line on top of the unit indicates the position of the blade for accurate slitting and ringing
  • Replacement blade set available, part number: MS-316RB
  • Blades last for 5,000 slits/cuts

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • W4317
  • Product code
  • W4317


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