BT Capping 25

Capping is a cable entry cover used to protect cables externally. They are predominantly used on residential housing walls and are fixed over the cables point of entry, the capping is used in conjunction with Connector Bend 4.

Product code: E3173
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Dimensions (W x H x D)

  78mm x 512mm x 15mm

Weight (g)




  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fix with nails or sealant 
  • Very resistant as it is made from PVCu.


Used in conjunction with:

  • BT Cover 101A covers cable entry on the house wall (Cover dimensions 105mm x 78mm x 28mm).
  • BT Capping 25 runs between connector bend 4 & cover 101A to enclose service cable.
  • BT Connector Bend No.4 for use on housing estates to connect duct 102 or duct 56 to cover 101A


Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • CAPPING/25
  • Product code
  • E3173


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