BH 16x300/140+P: Pole head/pole coupling bolt

 This bolt enables the attachment of most pole hardware fittings on pole heads. Rugged pole line accessory providing protection against corrosion. 
Product code: 0103
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Telenco pole head bolts enable the installation of pole hardware on drillable or pre-drilled poles. Depending on length can also be used for creating a pole strut.


Technical Characteristics:


Model                     Bolt Hexagonal Head 16x300/140mm
Diameter Ø 16mm
Length 300mm
Thread 140mm
Plate 2 flat plates of different sizes (1 size nut)
Applications Fastening pole line hardware on pole top/ pole coupling
Hot Dip Galvanised Steel

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 0103
  • Product code
  • 0103