Wrench Vice Grip

The Wrench Vice Grip, a plier-type wrench featuring a self-locking facility for enhanced convenience.
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Introducing the Wrench Vice Grip, a plier type wrench equipped with a self locking facility for enhanced convenience and efficiency. This innovative tool merges the functionality of pliers with the gripping power of a vice, ensuring a secure hold on various objects without requiring manual adjustment.


Key Features:

  • Plier Type Design: The Wrench Vice Grip boasts a familiar plier type design, making it user friendly and adaptable for a multitude of tasks.

  • Self Locking Facility: Featuring a self locking mechanism, this wrench automatically adjusts to the size of the object being gripped, removing the need for manual adjustment and ensuring a consistently secure hold.

  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high quality materials, this wrench is engineered to endure tough conditions and repeated use, delivering long lasting durability and reliability.

  • Versatile Use: Whether you're undertaking automotive repairs, plumbing tasks, woodworking projects, or general DIY tasks, the Wrench Vice Grip proves to be a versatile tool, providing a firm grip on various objects.


Ideal For:

The Wrench Vice Grip is perfect for professionals, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts seeking a dependable and efficient gripping tool for their projects. From securing nuts and bolts to clamping materials together, this wrench offers convenience and ease of use across a range of applications.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • W1070
  • Product code
  • W1070


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