Tweezers Curved Tip

Extra fine curved tips for working on miniature assemblies. Stainless steel, anti-magnetic.
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Introducing our Curved Tip Tweezers: the perfect tool for delicate work on miniature assemblies. Crafted with extra fine curved tips, these tweezers are designed to provide precise control and accuracy in handling small components.


Made from stainless steel with anti-magnetic properties, our tweezers offer durability and reliability, ensuring consistent performance even in sensitive environments.


Whether you're working on electronics, model making, or intricate crafts, these tweezers are versatile enough to meet your needs. The curved tips allow for easy manipulation of tiny parts, making assembly and repair tasks more manageable.


Upgrade your toolkit with our Curved Tip Tweezers and experience the precision and convenience they bring to your miniature assembly work.

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  • W4038
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  • W4038


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