Patchcord SX SC/APC-SC/APC G.657A2 Ø2,0mm Yellow

Telenco patch cords are mainly used in telecom networks. They guarantee an optimal performance that ensures reliable and future-proof networks.
Product code: 09496-09468
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A simplex fibre optic patchcord with SC connectors on both ends. The connectors are of the APC type, featuring an angled physical contact design to minimise back reflections. The optical fibre used in this patchcord adheres to the G.657A2 standard, indicating its bend-resistant properties. This type of patchcord is commonly used in applications where low back reflections and resistance to bending are critical, such as in telecommunications and high-speed data networks.


Features & Benefits:

  • High precision ceramics 
  • Great interoperability 
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent mechanical and temperature stability


Fibre Type:

  • G.657A2


Cable Colour:

  • Yellow

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 09496-09468
  • Product code
  • 09496-09468