Patchcord DX LC/UPC-LC/UPC OM4 Ø2,0mm Magenta Lg 1,0m

Duplex optical patch cords.
Product code: 91073
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Telenco distribution multimode optical cables mainly used for FTTH networks at Optical Connection Nodes (NRO) and Pooling Points (PM). They are equipped with optimal performance to guarantee the reliability and sustainability of telecom networks. Complies with IEC-61300 standards.


Technical Characteristics:


Length (m): 1
Diameter (mm): 2
Fibre type: Multimode OM4
UN code: 0
Garter type: Duplex
Connection: LC/PC
Net weight (kg): 0.010 kg

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 91073
  • Product code
  • 91073


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