Microduct Connector Straight Clear - 14/10mm

It's ideal for Polyethylene HDPE microducts.
Product code: W2501-14
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Microduct Connector Straight Clear - 14/10mm


Discover the reliability and efficiency of the Microduct Connector Straight Clear - 14/10mm, designed for seamless fibre optic installations. This connector features a compact, tool-free push-fit design with a transparent body for easy verification of microduct positioning and fibre population.


Features and Function Specifications:


  • Compact Size:

    Easy handling and installation in tight spaces.
  • Full Plastic Design (Metal-Free):

    Lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant.
  • Push-Fit:

    Simplifies installation without requiring tools.
  • Transparent Body:

    Allows visual verification of microduct and fibre placement.
  • Maximum Installation Pressure:

    Withstands pressures up to 30 bar for secure sealing.
  • Fluid Compatibility:

    Suitable for use with compressed air in blowing systems.
  • Microduct Compatibility:

    Designed for Polyethylene HDPE microducts.
  • Protection Class:

    IP68 rated for protection against dust and water ingress.
  • Working Temperature:

    Operates reliably in temperatures from -20˚C to +50˚C.
  • Longevity:

    Offers an estimated lifespan of 25 years for durable performance.

Ideal for duct couplers, pipe connectors, and waterproof cable connectors, the Microduct Connector Straight Clear - 14/10mm ensures robust connections and longevity in fibre optic networks.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • W2501-14
  • Product code
  • W2501-14
  • MPN
  • CV4581 14/10


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