Inserter Wire 2A Krone LSA+

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Inserter Wire 2A Krone LSA+
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Original KRONE pressure sensor and extracting hook to free wires for soldering, screwing and skinning in preparation for connection and at the same time cutting off any excess length. An IDC terminating tool for use on 10 pair Disconnection Strips 237A. It incorporates an extraction hook which assits in the removal of terminated wires. LSA-PLUS is a German acronym (Lötfrei, Schraubfrei, Abisolierfrei, Preiswert, Leicht zu handhaben, Universell anwendbar, Sicher und schnell) that translates to: no solder, no use of screws, no insulation removal, cost effective, easy to use, universal application, secure and fast

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