INNO Fusion Splicer M9+ Compact Core Alignment with IoT and GPS modules

Comes with INNO V1 Cleaver
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Featuring the finest of the M+ Series in a compact design, the M9+ embodies technology and convenience. With IoT and GPS capabilities, this splicer pioneers smart connectivity. Engineered for core alignment, the M9+ ensures flawless fibre matching for optimal splicing. Despite its small size, it delivers exceptional performance, offering precision in a portable package. For professionals seeking top-notch results without bulk, the M9+ is the perfect companion in fibre optics.


Introducing the INNO Fusion Splicer M9+, designed to enhance your splicing tasks with cutting-edge features:


The Fastest Splicing Time: Complete splicing tasks in just 4 seconds, ensuring rapid results and minimizing downtime.

Pressure Heater Technology: Utilizing advanced pressure heater technology, this splicer reduces heating time to only 9 seconds, streamlining the splicing process.

Versatile Fiber Holder: Easily switch between standard and loose-tube fiber holders, providing flexibility for various splicing applications.

Improved Lighting: Enhanced lighting ensures better visibility in dark environments, enabling precise splicing even in challenging conditions.

Rapid Response Time: Experience a redefined user interface with intuitive controls and rapid response times, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

Increased Energy Efficiency: Despite its powerful performance, the M9+ boasts increased energy efficiency, allowing for more cycles with the same battery capacity.


Upgrade your splicing capabilities with the INNO Fusion Splicer M9+, delivering unparalleled speed, precision, and versatility for all your fiber optic splicing needs.

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  • 1003314
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  • 1003314