Fill & Seal sealing 290ml

Sealer ideal for telecom, cable ducts, construction, and shipbuilding.

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Fill & Seal Sealing 290ml

Overview: Fill & Seal Sealing 290ml is a versatile compound designed for a variety of applications, including telecom techniques, cable ducts, wall ducts, gastight and watertight sealing for centre plugs and duct plugs. It's also ideal for use as a gluing and sealing compound in construction and shipbuilding industries.


  • Flexible 1 Component Adhesive and Sealer:

    Ensures easy application and strong bonding.
  • Excellent Adhesion:

    Adheres well to various surfaces.
  • Water, Alkaline, and Chemical Resistance:

    Withstands harsh conditions and exposure to oils and greases.
  • Non-Corrosive:

    Safe for use on various materials without causing damage.
  • Solvent-Free:

    Eco-friendly and safe for users.
  • Excellent UV and Weather Resistance:

    Durable in outdoor conditions.
  • Shock Absorbing:

    Provides additional protection for sealed areas.
  • Non-Toxic, Neutral, Odourless:

    Safe and pleasant to use.


  • Telecom Techniques:

    Ideal for securing and protecting cable connections.
  • Cable Ducts and Wall Ducts:

    Provides a reliable seal against gas and water.
  • Construction and Shipbuilding:

    Used for gluing and sealing tasks, offering robust performance in demanding environments.

Enhance the reliability and longevity of your installations with Fill & Seal Sealing 290ml, a robust solution for professional sealing and adhesion needs.



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