Clamp Aerial Cable 2

Cable Aerial Self Supporting types like 10 pair 0.5, 20 pair 0.5, 5 pair 0.6, and 10 pair 0.6.
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Clamp Aerial Cable 2


Introducing the Clamp Aerial Cable 2, a versatile solution designed to support a variety of aerial cables, including Cable Aerial Self Supporting types. This clamp is engineered to accommodate cables such as 10 pair 0.5, 20 pair 0.5, 5 pair 0.6, and 10 pair 0.6, providing robust support and stability.


Ideal for telecommunications and network installations, the Clamp Aerial Cable 2 ensures secure positioning of aerial cables, enhancing reliability and performance. Its durable construction and adaptable design make it suitable for various outdoor environments and installation scenarios.


Trust Clamp Aerial Cable 2 for dependable cable support solutions that meet industry standards, offering peace of mind for your network infrastructure needs.

Technical characteristics

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  • Product code
  • E2088
  • MPN
  • PTE 1300238-R


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