Cabinet Base Sealant 2x2.5 Ltr (VM)

Cabinet Base Sealnt - Virgin Spec
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Cabinet Base Sealant 2x2.5 Ltr (VM)

Overview: Ideal for sealing the base and ducts in Virgin Media’s street cabinets, this two-part sealant ensures reliable protection in various outdoor installations such as LV distribution cabinets, public lighting cabinets, traffic control cabinets, and outdoor transformer stations.

Product Features:

  • Easy and accurate filling process with resin pouring
  • Seals cable ducts against water and gas pressures
  • Prevents ingress of moisture, pests, weeds, roots, and plants
  • Improves the climate inside cabinets and transformer stations
  • Reduces equipment interference
  • Extends component lifespan
  • Quick and easy application
  • Good flow properties and self-levelling characteristics
  • Excellent adhesion with a smooth, non-tacky surface

Product Specification:

  • Potlife (Process Time):

    • 5°C - 30 minutes
    • 23°C - 10 minutes
    • 35°C - 7 minutes
  • Gel-time:

    23 minutes
  • Viscosity (Mixture at 25°C):

    Approximately 3 Pa.s
  • Density:

    1.4 g/cm³
  • Hardness:

    52 Shore D
  • Tensile Strength:

    4 N/mm²
  • Water Absorption (30 days at 23°C):

    Less than 1.0%
  • Weight Loss (28 days at 120°C):

  • Surface Structure Cured Under Water:

    No bubbles

Ensure reliable sealing and enhanced protection with the Cabinet Base Sealant 2x2.5 Ltr (VM), designed for demanding outdoor environments to maintain operational integrity and longevity of critical equipment.

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