Brady Label Printer BMP61 (M610) - UK (QWERTY + WiFi)

Includes a hard case, battery pack, USB cable, AC adapter, and more.
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Brady Label Printer BMP61 (M610) - UK (QWERTY + WiFi)


The Brady BMP61 (M610) Label Printer is a rugged and reliable handheld labelling solution designed for professionals. Equipped with a QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen, this printer supports over 600 labelling materials in die-cut, continuous, and custom formats. It seamlessly integrates with the Express Labels app on iOS or Android, allowing you to download port ID databases from Fluke LinkWare Live for fast and efficient labelling.


What’s Included:


  • Hard case
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Battery pack
  • AC Adapter with UK power cord
  • Brady Workstation Basic Suite
  • Driver CD
  • Product CD
  • Roll of PTL-19-423
  • M61-R6010 ribbon
  • 2-year warranty


Printer Dimensions:


  • Width:

    107.19 mm
  • Height:

    328.42 mm
  • Depth:

    106.42 mm
  • Weight:

    1.41 kg
  • Display Size:

    71.12 mm
  • Minimum Label Height:

    5.99 mm
  • Minimum Label Width:

    6.40 mm




  • Supports continuous and die-cut labels
  • Works with the Express Labels mobile application and Brady Workstation
  • Minimum label length of 5.99 mm and minimum width of 20.62 mm


Supporting B-Numbers:


  • B-109, B-145, B-321, B-342, B-344, B-345, B-362, B-390, B-412, B-422, B-423, B-424, B-425, B-427, B-428, B-430, B-432, B-435, B-437, B-439, B-459, B-461, B-473, B-483, B-486, B-488, B-489, B-490, B-498, B-499, B-642, B-717, B-718, B-719, B-724, B-727, B-7351, B-7546, B-7551, B-7576, B-7593, B-7597, B-7598, B-7599, B-7643, B-7696, B-7697, B-966, B-966B

The Brady BMP61 (M610) Label Printer is designed to meet the needs of demanding labelling tasks, providing durable, high-quality labels that withstand extreme conditions. Its portability and extensive compatibility make it an essential tool for professionals in various industries.


Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • W5060
  • Product code
  • W5060
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