Washer Galvanised 19 (3kg Box)

Washer Galvanised 19 features a 22mm diameter, 7mm hole diameter, and 1.6mm thickness.
Product code: E2009
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Washer Galvanised 19 (3kg Box)


The Washer Galvanised 19 (3kg Box) is a circular washer designed for secure nail bonding, ideal for fastening strip aluminium to walls or wooden poles. With a diameter of 22mm, a hole diameter of 7mm, and a thickness of 1.6mm, these washers provide robust support and stability. Sold in convenient 7lb (3.1kg) boxes, they are perfect for large-scale projects requiring durable and reliable fastening solutions.


Key Features:


  • Circular Design:

    Specifically crafted for use with nail bonding to ensure secure attachment of strip aluminium.
  • Size Specifications:

    Diameter of 22mm, hole diameter of 7mm, and thickness of 1.6mm, providing optimal dimensions for effective fastening.
  • Galvanised Finish:

    Constructed from galvanised steel, offering excellent corrosion resistance for long-lasting durability in indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Bulk Packaging:

    Sold in 7lb (3.1kg) boxes, making it convenient for projects requiring multiple washers for comprehensive installation.


Ideal For:

The Washer Galvanised 19 (3kg Box) is ideal for contractors and DIY enthusiasts undertaking projects involving the installation of strip aluminium on walls or wooden poles. Its sturdy construction and bulk packaging ensure efficiency and reliability in large-scale applications.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • WASHER/19
  • Product code
  • E2009


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