TED® Tent & Umbrella by TRIGANO

This construction tent & umbrella protects field engineers from rain, wind and sun improving safety when working.
Product code: 35004
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Lightweight and supplied in a storage bag, it can easily be transported to all types of construction sites and used for different jobs. Its installation is simple and quick to offer - in a few moments - effective protection against rain and sun. The umbrella tent has a side canvas covering three sides. It is easy to install with a zip. The canvas can be held in place with ballast bags placed on the protective skirt in case of wind. Once the canvas is installed, the umbrella tent offers a surface area of 170 x 170 cm to leave room for the technician to carry out various manipulations such as splice protections. The canvas also has six pockets to store various tools.

The upper part of the white parasol coupled with the window on the canvas allows the passage of natural light to offer a faithful rendering of colours, strands of fibre for example. Orange and with a reflective strip, the TED® umbrella tent ensures very good visibility of the shelter so that it can be easily spotted by motorists, both during the day and at night.

Material: polyester canvas Oxford polyurethane
coated Fabric fastening with zip
skirt 25mm
self-reflective tape Parasol base supplied separately

The TED® fibre optic construction tent can be flocked in your company's colours using a 42 x 25 cm hook-and-loop fixed area.


Flocking area:

Dimensions: 42 x 25 cm
fastening Contact our services to flock your construction tent


When receiving your umbrella tent, unscrew the adjustment wheel to release the 2nd part of the foot slipped inside the 1st part.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 35004
  • Product code
  • 35004


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