TED® Mounting bracket for TED® Tent Umbrella

Suction cup for umbrella tent
Product code: 1002271
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This TED® suction cup is the accessory that will accompany you when using the TED® Tent Umbrella.


Convenient for attaching your tent umbrella to a smooth surface, without assembly and screws, this holder easily attaches to flat, clean and dry surfaces. Lightweight and portable, it is very useful when technicians do not want to be burdened with a tent umbrella base.


This allows you to quickly and securely attach your tent umbrella to a street cabinet or a commercial vehicle. The suction cup can withstand loads of up to 5kg and is suitable for all materials with a flat and waterproof surface.

  • The pumping mechanism is intuitive and allows you to create a vacuum quickly and efficiently.
  • The large valve knob provides quick ventilation to reduce vacuum, making the attachment suction cup easier to apply to the surface and simpler to remove after use.
  • The vice allows you to tighten the accessory as close as possible to the handle of the tent umbrella to obtain a perfect hold.

Installation tips:

  1. Pass the umbrella handle through the mounting bracket and place the bracket(s) in the desired location.
  2. Place the suction cups on the target surface and squeeze the air pump until the red line of safety disappears.
  3. During use, the red line indicates that you need to press the air pump again so that the suction cup adheres completely to the surface
  4. Adjust the side screw adjust for jaw spacing.
  5. To remove the suction cup, gently lift the small tab

For optimal fixation, we recommend using the suction cups in pairs.



  • Suction cup Ø: 145 mm
  • Dimensions: 49mm
  • Weight: 600 grams
  • Comes with a carrying case

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 1002271
  • Product code
  • 1002271


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