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Founded in 1936, Ripley has been leading the way in the design and manufacture of equipment, tools and technology for specialized applications ever since. Today, we’re a global provider of cable preparation tools and accessories to the power utilities, fibre optic and cable television industries. Our pioneering approach to product design has enabled us to create innovative tools that solve the everyday challenges faced by linemen, cable engineers, technicians and installers.
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W3051 Torque Wrench ' F ' Type RG59/6 7/16″
 In stock
Stripper Fibre 10A
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Product Code: W4000
Stripper Fibre Trihole
 In stock
Product Code: W4032
Stripper Fibre No-Nik NN010W
 In stock
Product Code: W4006
Stripper Fibre Round 29mm
 In stock
Product Code: W4010
Stripper Fibre 9A
 In stock
Product Code: W4001
Fibre Cutter Kevlar
 In stock
Product Code: W4007
Fibre Scissors Kevlar
 In stock
Product Code: W4008
Splicer's Scissors for Kevlar and Wires - 130mm
 In stock
Tweezers Needle Tip
 In stock
Product Code: W4037
Compression Tool All-In-One
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Product Code: W3050
Torque Wrench ' F ' Type
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Product Code: W3051 - W3052
Round Fibre Stripper
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Product Code: W4010 - W4011
Fibre Buffer Tube Scorer 1.6-6.0mm
 In stock
Mid Span Access Tool MSAT 16
 In stock
Product Code: W4055
Mid-span Access Tool MSAT-5
 In stock
Product Code: W4056
Flat Drop Cable Slitter MB04
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Product Code: W4057
FTTX 36F Drop Cable Slitter
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Product Code: W4058
Drop Cable Grip Assist Tool
 In stock
Product Code: W4059
Flat Drop Cable Slitter Kit
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Product Code: W4057-CA
FTTX Drop Cable 36F Slitter Kit
 In stock
Product Code: W4058-CA
Cutter Coax Cable capacity 25.4mm
 In stock
Items 1 to 22 of 22 total