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Fibre Tools

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Stripper Fibre 10A
 In stock
Product Code: W4000
Stripper Fibre No-Nik NN010W
 In stock
Product Code: W4006
Fibre Cutter Kevlar
 In stock
Product Code: W4007
Fibre Scissors Kevlar
 In stock
Product Code: W4008
Splicer's Scissors for Kevlar and Wires - 130mm
 In stock
Stripper FOD-2000 (Slippery Fish)
 In stock
Blade for Stripper FOD-2000 (Slippery Fish)
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Fibre Preparation Kit
 In stock
Product Code: W4051
Cutter Longitudinal 1A (Plastic Handle)
 In stock
Optical Fibre Identifier
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Product Code: Q5071 - Q5072
Fibre Work Mat Antistatic
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Product Code: W4040 - W4043
Fibre Buffer Tube Scorer 1.6-6.0mm
 In stock
Mid Span Access Tool MSAT 16
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Product Code: W4055
Mid-span Access Tool MSAT-5
 In stock
Product Code: W4056
Stripper Cable Sheath Dropwire 36F ULW
 In stock
Flat Drop Cable Slitter MB04
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Product Code: W4057
Fiber Cleaver INNO V7+
 In stock
Product Code: F4521
FTTX 36F Drop Cable Slitter
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Product Code: W4058
Drop Cable Grip Assist Tool
 In stock
Product Code: W4059
Flat Drop Cable Slitter Kit
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Product Code: W4057-CA
FTTX Drop Cable 36F Slitter Kit
 In stock
Product Code: W4058-CA
“Twister” FTTX Drop Cable Slitters MB04
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Product Code: W4057-CA - W4058-CA
Fibre Toolkit for GPON
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Product Code: W4100
Stripper Fiber Tri-hole
 In stock
Product Code: W4201
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