INNO Fusion Splicer Inspection and Calibration

 2-3 days
Telkom International is authorised reseler and repair centre for INNO fusion splicers.
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Telkom International is authorised reseller and repair centre for INNO fusion splicers. Service offered is outside of the warranty ( but your 3-Year manufacturer warranty is not affected).

This is a full inspection all models of INNO fusion splicers to have the product cleaned, performance verified and documented. This is in the same way that you would have your car serviced at regular intervals. This service is only performed at the request of the customer.

Service of INNO Fusion Splicers contains:

Stripping and Cleaning

Replacement of Electrodes

Calibration and Alignment of the mechanical parts to factory specification

Software upgrade (If required)

Verification of the Loss Estimation

Issue of Calibration Certificate/ Service Report


This charge does not include any replacement parts or additional repairs. In case of repair or replacement parts (other than electrodes) are needed customer is issued with quote prior to works being carried out.

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