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Eline®, connectivity solutions designed to respond to FTTH and FTTO infrastructure scalability issues

Under the Eline® brand, Telenco offers a complete network hardware solution for very high-speed subscriber connection. Reliability, speed of deployment and design quality are the main assets of the Eline® brand, under which Telenco develops an extensive range of outdoor and indoor optical boxes and the Droptic® range of fibre optic cables.

In the range of Eline® boxes, there are outdoor connectivity solutions that meet all the connection practices encountered in the field: PBO preco or PBO for splicing. Eline® PBOs are fibre optic boxes validated by Orange and installed on Orange RIPs. Eline® Optical Connection Points are particularly appreciated for their ability to simplify implementation, ensure connections' tightness, and guarantee the durability of installations while minimizing the visual impact. To cleverly meet all the constraints of fibre deployment in new and older homes, Telenco has also developed boxes for FTTH interior cabling under the Eline® brand. Discreet and minimalist, these optical housings blend perfectly into their environment and are both perfectly suited to collective housing and individual houses. The unique features of Eline® products give these enclosures versatility and reliability.

The Building Connection Point (PBI), the Building Pooling Point (PMI) and the Eline® Optical Terminal Outlets (PTO) comply with the latest standards and recommendations adopted by the telecom regulatory authorities and offer optimal performance. They have been developed to meet the requirements of FTTH and FTTO networks. Ready to use, all these boxes are installed and implemented very intuitively, so no special training is required for their installation.

Eline® also offers a full range of connection cables: Droptic®. Eline® brand Droptic® optical cables are designed for outdoor, indoor and outdoor-indoor installations. Still in the cabling part of the Eline® brand, there are riser cables and subscriber cords that meet the needs of FTTH access network terminations. Their structures and materials have been designed to optimize interior installation.

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ELINE® OTB Optical Transition Wall Box for Drop Cables
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ELINE® Optical Telecommunications Outlet PTO ONE
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ELINE® PTO Customer Terminal Box
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