LINIAN Nanoclip 0.9-3.0mm - White

To be used for fibre cables and other small-diameter cables, the high-precision fastening device is designed for securing and connecting minuscule components and materials.
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LINIAN Nanoclip 2.0mm - White
Product model: 1002504
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LINIAN Nanoclip 0.9mm - White
Product model: 1002503
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LINIAN Nanoclip 3.0mm - White
Product model: 1002506
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No need for plugs, screws, washers or nail-in clips – just drill your hole, slide our clip over the cable, and push it into the wall.


British Standards:
– BS7671: Amendment 3
– BS7671: 18th Edition 2018
– BSEN50200 PH120
– BS8519: 2010


European Standards:
– DIN 4102-12 E90



  • Salt-spray tested > 1000hrs Corrosion-resistant and UV stable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • 18th Edition and Fire-Rated Cable Fixings, Safe and Compliant
  • 90 & 120-minute fire resistant, meeting BSi and DIN classifications
  • Melt point > 1200°C Tested to London Underground Standard for smoke emissions.

Technical characteristics