Telenco MMEB Modular Multi-Enclosure Bracket 2/3 Way

The Telenco® MMEB is a support kit for mounting one to three enclosures on poles or in manholes.
Product code: 1001714-1001715
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Telenco MMEB Modular Multi-Enclosure Bracket 2/3 Way


The Telenco MMEB Modular Multi-Enclosure Bracket provides an innovative solution for efficient network infrastructure deployment. Its triangular design significantly reduces the space needed for enclosures, optimising their placement across the network. The versatile support plate can be installed on various pole types or MOBRA arms, making it adaptable for deployment in manholes.


The enclosure plate features a generous number of threads to accommodate a wide range of enclosures, enhancing flexibility and scalability as network requirements evolve. The modular design allows effortless transition between supporting 2 and 3 enclosures by adding or removing a multi-enclosure plate (AMEP), ensuring versatility and cost-effectiveness.



Key Features:


  • Triangular design minimises enclosure space requirements
  • Versatile support plate suitable for pole or MOBRA arm installation
  • Enclosure plate with multiple threads for diverse enclosure compatibility
  • Modular design facilitates easy conversion between 2 and 3 enclosure supports
  • Fixing pins ensure secure installation and straightforward handling


Choose the Telenco MMEB for streamlined deployment and future-proof scalability in network infrastructure solutions.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 1001714-1001715
  • Product code
  • 1001714-1001715