TED® Fibre Launch Lead G657 SC/UPC - SC/APC - 1000m

Accurate validation and certification of fibre optic networks.
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TED® Fibre Launch Lead G657 SC/UPC - SC/APC - 1000m


The TED® Fibre Launch Lead G657 is an essential tool for optical reflectometry measurement, ensuring the validation and certification of fibre optic networks. Designed with precision and durability, this launch lead is ideal for professionals who demand accuracy in their measurements.

Key Features:

  • Protective Cap:

    Each pigtail comes with a protective cap to safeguard the fibre ends from damage and contamination.
  • Pigtail Specifications:

    • Length:

    • Sheathing Diameter:

      Ø 3mm
  • Integrated Smoove Cassette:

    The housing includes a smoove cassette, facilitating easy user repair and maintenance.
  • Optimised Performance:

    • Eliminates the starting dead zone inherent to reflectometers, allowing for accurate measurement from the start.
    • Accurately characterises the input and output connectors of the optical link, providing essential data on loss and reflectance values.


  • Reflectometry Measurements: Essential for leaving the starting dead zone and ensuring precise optical network analysis.
  • Network Certification: Validates and certifies fibre optic networks, ensuring they meet industry standards.


  • Connector Type: SC/UPC to SC/APC
  • Fibre Type: G657
  • Cable Length: 1000m


  • Enhanced Accuracy: By eliminating the starting dead zone, it ensures more reliable and precise measurements.
  • Durable Design: Built to withstand regular use in various field conditions, offering longevity and reliability.
  • User-Friendly: The integrated smoove cassette allows for easy repairs, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Upgrade your optical reflectometry toolkit with the TED® Fibre Launch Lead G657 and experience unparalleled accuracy and reliability in your network measurements.

Technical characteristics

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  • 14448
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  • 14448


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