TED® Riser slitting tool

Solid, light and compact, this TED Equipment® product is perfectly suited for use in confined and narrow spaces. Plus, it slips easily into your pocket and takes up little space in a technician's toolbox.
Product code: 34001
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In the context of FTTH deployment and the opening of riser cables, it is forbidden to use cutters or knives because the risk of damaging the micromodules is high. This TED Equipment® tool is specifically designed to allow the opening of riser cables during these deployments. It is suitable for cables with a diameter between 8.5 and 14 mmIt makes it possible to create windows of suitable lengths at each building connection point without the risk of damaging the fibre inside. The windows thus created allow the individual extraction of micromodules for the connection of the subscriber.


Material: ABS plastic handle, hardened steel blade

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 34001
  • Product code
  • 34001


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