TED® Cleaning Pen for 1.25mm Ferrules (LC)

This tool allows dry cleaning and decontamination of optical faces, either directly on the plug or through a fitting. It is suitable for both PC straight polishing and APC bevelled polishing.
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A specialised tool designed for cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of fibre optic connectors and end faces. These connectors are crucial for the transmission of optical signals, and any contamination or debris on their surfaces can lead to signal loss or degradation.


Product Benefits:

  • Suitable for 1.25mm ferrules: LC/MU
  • Up to 600 cleanings Extendable nozzle for easy access to high-density drawers
  • Effective against dust and oil


Technical Specification:

  • Net weight (kg): 0.040 kg

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 19546
  • Product code
  • 19546


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