SWC63Y: Barrel Clamp Terminating Stay Wire 6.3mm

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Technical characteristics:

  • Model: SWC63YØ: 6.1-6.6mm
  • Tensile strength: 2700daN
  • The indicated weight here below corresponds to the total weight of 50 clamp units. 
  • Product Code
  • 2191
  • Product Code
  • 2191
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  • Automatic stay wire clamp with wedge design used for terminating a stay wire 7x2.1mm to a universal bracket mounted on a facade or to a drop plate.
  • The removable bail is to be mounted directly onto the pin type bracket or UPB (Universal Pole Bracket).
  • The stay wire inserts at the narrow end of the clamp's body.
  • Wire tension can be adjusted manually. 

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