Telenco SWC63Y: Barrel Clamp Terminating Stay Wire 6.3mm

 Automatic stay wire wedge clamp for operating stay wire installations. The removable bail can be mounted directly onto the universal pole bracket (UPB).

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The Telenco SWC63Y Barrel Clamp is designed for terminating stay wire with a diameter of 6.3mm. This automatic clamping device features a wedge design that ensures secure and efficient stay wire termination, with manual tension adjustment for precise installation.


Product Features:

  • Automatic Clamping: Stay wire inserts at the narrow end of the clamp body for automatic clamping.
  • Wedge Design: Ensures secure termination of stay wire 7x2.1mm to a universal bracket or drop plate.
  • Removable Bail: Mounts directly onto a pin-type bracket or UPB (Universal Pole Bracket).
  • Manual Tension Adjustment: Allows for precise tensioning of the stay wire.


Technical Characteristics:

  • Model: SWC63YØ: 6.1-6.6mm
  • Tensile Strength: 2700 daN
  • Weight: Total weight corresponds to 50 clamp units.


This versatile and durable clamp ensures reliable performance for terminating stay wires, making it an essential component for telecom and utility installations.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 2191
  • Product code
  • 2191


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