Sign Plastic 600 x 450 Pedestrian Left (Q Sign)

Designed for stability in windy conditions and easy handling.
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Ensure pedestrian safety and provide clear guidance with our Sign Plastic 600 x 450 Pedestrian Left (Q Sign). Built with a strong and robust design, this sign offers durability and longevity in various outdoor environments.


Key Features:

  • Long Life: The strong and robust design ensures a long service life.
  • Rust Free: Crafted from recycled Polypropylene in grey, eliminating the risk of rust.
  • Excellent Stability: Provides excellent weight and footprint stability, ensuring it stays securely in place.
  • Non Flammable: Provides safety assurance as it is non flammable.
  • Easy Handling: Designed to be easy and safe to handle with no sharp edges.
  • Competitive Pricing: Priced competitively to offer value for money.
  • Stackable: Can be stacked for efficient storage and transport.
  • Supplementary Plate Available: An optional supplementary plate is available for additional information or customization.



  • BS 8442:2015: Conforms to the requirements of BS 8442:2015 for quality and performance.
  • Chapter 8: Compliant with Chapter 8 of The Traffic Signs Manual, ensuring adherence to traffic management standards.
  • The Red Book 2013: Meets the specifications outlined in The Red Book 2013 for road signs.
  • Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions: Complies with the regulations and directions governing traffic signs.


Industry Leading Design:

  • Strong and Durable: The Q Sign is the industry leader, known for its exceptional strength and durability.
  • Recycled Polypropylene: Manufactured from recycled Polypropylene, the sign has no metal parts, contributing to its longevity.
  • Wind Resistance: Despite being lightweight, the angled design of the sign provides strong wind resistance, ensuring stability in windy conditions.


Enhance safety and clarity with our Sign Plastic 600 x 450 Pedestrian Left (Q Sign). Designed to withstand the elements and provide clear guidance, it's an essential addition to any pedestrian environment

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • S2306
  • Product code
  • S2306


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