Plug-in dowel TED Black/200 units - available in different diameters

Plastic clip wall plug TED Black/200 units - available in different diameters
Product code: 1577
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  • Nylon cable clip Cable clip and wall plug from TED Equipment® for a neat and aesthetic installation of flat, round or figure-8 telecom cables with copper pair, optical fibre or video signal.
  • Suitable for long-term fixing into rigid materials such as concrete, marble and stone.
  • Key information: sold by the pack of 200 units, highly resistant to UV, chemicals and extreme temperatures and to be installed every 30cm.
  • The product has multiple benefits such as providing cable protection, and easy and fast to install.
  • A drill is required to create a hole Ø 6mm with a depth of 25 to 30mm when installing into hard materials such as concrete, stone and marble.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • 1577
  • Product code
  • 1577


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