LINIAN Nanoclip 2.0-3.0mm - Black

To be used for fibre cables and other small-diameter cables, the high-precision fastening device is designed for securing and connecting minuscule components and materials.
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LINIAN Nanoclip 3.0mm - Black
Product model: 1002507
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LINIAN Nanoclip 2.0mm - Black
Product model: 1002505
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Designed to save time, money and lives, this remarkable evolution of a vital building component can help you make every job faster, safer, simpler and tidier!


Suitable for:

  • Fibre Cables and all other small-diameter cables
  • Hearing Loop cables
  • Small signal cables
  • CCTV cables and alarm cables


Product Features:

  • 18th Edition Compliant
  • Corrosion Resistant & UV Stable
  • Fire-resistant >1200°C
  • BSEN 50200 120 minutes fire time
  • DIN 4102-12 DIN 90 minutes fire time
  • CE & CA Certified
  • Single-component design
  • No plugs, screws or washers needed

Technical characteristics