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Hard wearing furniture hide rigger gloves with cotton striped back.
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Introducing our Furniture Rigger Gloves, crafted for durability and comfort in demanding environments. Made from hard wearing furniture hide, these gloves provide reliable protection for your hands during heavy duty tasks. The cotton striped back enhances breathability and flexibility, ensuring maximum comfort and dexterity while you work.


Designed specifically for handling furniture and other heavy objects, these gloves offer superior grip and abrasion resistance, allowing you to tackle tough jobs with confidence. Whether you're moving furniture, working in construction, or handling rugged materials, our Furniture Rigger Gloves are the perfect choice for reliable hand protection.

Key Features:

  • Material: Hard wearing furniture hide for durability
  • Back: Cotton striped back for breathability and flexibility
  • Protection: Reliable hand protection during heavy duty tasks
  • Grip: Superior grip for handling furniture and other heavy objects
  • Comfort: Enhanced comfort and dexterity for extended wear

Stay protected and comfortable on the job with our Furniture Rigger Gloves, the ultimate choice for tough tasks and rugged environments.

Technical characteristics

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  • S4061


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