Filoseal+ HD Fire Duct Sealing Kit 75 - 110mm

Fire-resistant sealing for cable ducts, tested to multiple international standards.
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Filoseal+ HD Fire Duct Sealing Kit 75 - 110mm

Overview: The Filoseal+ HD Fire Duct Sealing Kit 75 - 110mm is a highly effective and versatile sealing solution designed for various cable scenarios within duct systems. This kit offers exceptional fire resistance, tested to multiple international standards, and provides robust protection against gas and water ingress, as well as pests and chemicals.

Key Features:

  • Fire Resistant:

    • Tested to BS EN1366-3 2009
    • Tested to AS1530.4-2014 (Australian/New Zealand fire standard)
    • Tested to London Underground - LUL S1085
    • Tested to European rail applications - BS EN 45545-2:2013
    • Tested to French rail standard CIt NF F16-101
    • High oxygen index as per BE EN ISO 4589-2:1999
  • Comprehensive Testing:

    • Smoke index - ISO 5659-2:2012
    • WIMES Compliant (3.02 2013 b)
    • Complies with 2011 NEC Articles on Raceway Seals
  • Durable Design:

    • Uses strong, flexible hexagonal blocks for easy cable positioning and support
    • High levels of gas and water tightness
    • Excellent adhesion to all common building materials
    • Resistant to water, alkaline, chemical agents, termites, rats, hydrogen sulphide, methane, and other gases
    • Non-corrosive, solvent-free, shock-absorbing, non-toxic, and almost odourless
  • Easy Application:

    • Flexible, one-component fire-resistant adhesive and sealing compound (310ml)
    • Quick and easy installation with a complete kit
    • Suitable for any shaped duct, borehole, or opening
    • Ideal for renovations and can be installed retrospectively


  • Versatile Use:

    Ideal for sealing cable ducts in various environments, including LV distribution cabinets, public lighting cabinets, traffic control cabinets, and outdoor transformer station installations.
  • Comprehensive Protection:

    Prevents ingress of moisture, pests, and roots while improving the climate inside street cabinets and transformer stations.
  • Engineered Solution:

    Suitable for FTTH applications, whether the microducts are overhead, ducted, or buried, offering additional protection especially for PIA/DPA installations.

Why Choose Filoseal+ HD Fire Duct Sealing Kit 75 - 110mm? With over 25 years of operational experience, this sealing kit offers an engineered duct sealing solution that ensures high durability, excellent performance, and ease of installation, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

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