Corning Evolv Multiport Pushlok SST 1F - 4P

Pushlok™ hardened connector technology is the key component enabling smaller terminals and drops for FTTx networks than ever before. 
Product code: E5104-020-E5104-350
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Designed for use in nearly every access network environment, the terminal is small enough to be placed in existing handholes or pedestals where space is paramount, on building faÇades, or in aerial networks (pole- or strand-mount). Improved aesthetics improve end-user adoption for faÇade applications.



  • Pushlok cable assembly connector ports for customer drop terminations
  • Durability 
  • Factory-terminated polished connectors 
  • Small-form-factor optimises space in pedestals/handholes



  • Lower installation cost and increase speed of connection
  • Solution supports various architecture types
  • Lower profile overall with drop entry ports on the bottom
  • Eliminates loss associated with excess 



Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • E5104-020-E5104-350
  • Product code
  • E5104-020-E5104-350