M+ Series – The World’s Fastest Fusion Splicers

M+ Series – The World’s Fastest Fusion Splicers

A seamless blend of innovation and compact design. Sophisticated smart features neatly encapsulated within a lightweight body make the M+ Series a perfect choice for FTTH installations. Boasting advanced IoT and GPS capabilities, they offer enhanced field experience and security. Even though they’re small, their performance is top-notch.

Showcasing the best of the M+ Series in a compact form, the M9+ and M7+ are a fusion of technology and convenience. Boasting IoT and GPS capabilities, this splicer is at the cutting edge of smart connectivity. Designed for core alignment, both ensure every fibre is impeccably matched for optimal splicing. Though it’s small in size, it stands tall in performance, offering professionals the precision they need in a portable package. The M9+ is the ideal companion in the fibre optics field for those aiming for top-notch results without the bulk.

  • The Fastest Splicing Time – splicing operation reduced to as little as 4 seconds!
  • Pressure Heating Technology – reducing operation to only 9 seconds!
  • Versatile Fibre Holder – Switch easily between standard and loose-tube!
  • Improved Lighting – For better visibility in dark environments!
  • Increased Energy Efficiency – Increased number of cycles, even with the same battery capacity!

The M+ Series all come with built in IoT and GPS modules meaning you can easily record splice data, allocate jobs across your team and take advantage of multiple security options to protect against loss and theft!

The M+ series splicers also comes with the NEW V1 Cleaver a straightforward, single-action solution for fibre cleaving, offering practicality and convenience in a portable format!