Cutters Bolt

Discover our Cutters Bolt range, engineered for versatility and durability in bolt and wire cutting tasks.
Product code: W1080 - W1083
Cutters Bolt 450mm (18")
Product model: W1081
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Cutters Bolt 600mm (24")
Product model: W1082
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Cutters Bolt 750mm (30")
Product model: W1083
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Cutters Bolt 900mm (36")
Product model: W1080
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Introducing our Cutters Bolt range, meticulously designed for versatility and durability in bolt and wire cutting tasks. Choose from our selection of models to suit your specific needs:


  • W1080: With a 900mm (36") length, this model is ideal for general-purpose use, providing optimal leverage and cutting efficiency.

  • W1081: Perfect for smaller bolts, the W1081 model features a 450mm (18") length, ensuring precision cutting for various applications.

  • W1082: Excelling in cutting stranded steel wire up to 11mm in diameter, the W1082 model comes in at 600mm (24") length, offering reliable performance in demanding tasks.

  • W1083: Need to tackle larger bolts and steel rods? The W1083 model, with its 750mm (30") length, is capable of cutting bolts and soft steel rods up to 14mm in diameter (10mm max for high tensile steel rods).


Upgrade your cutting efficiency with our reliable Cutters Bolt range, comprising the W1080, W1081, W1082, and W1083 models. Choose the perfect tool for your cutting needs and experience unparalleled performance and durability.

Technical characteristics

  • Product model
  • W1080 - W1083
  • Product code
  • W1080 - W1083