Telenco UK Supplier of Internationally Renowned Brands - Corning Incorporated

Corning Incorporated is a recent addition to Telenco UK's constantly evolving offer, extending the Telenco partnership to the UK in the Summer of 2022. Corning has been a partner of Telenco for over 10 years. Only recently was Telenco recognised as the 2021 Corning EMEA distributor of the year achieved by subsidiaries in the UK, France and Africa at the Corning 2022 Distributor Summit. Due to the extensive partnership and relationship built and maintained in these 10 years, Telenco UK is able to offer extremely competitive pricing, expert knowledge and support, and organise events in association with Corning. Last year, Corning presented their offer including the Evolv with Pushlok technology, at the first-ever Telenco UK Open Day, with a large turnout, the Corning range caught the attention of many. To read more about the Evolv with Pushlok technology check out the BT Openreach case study here. The Evolv enhances the FTTP roll-out in the UK due to its aesthetic look and size, meaning it is more likely to be accepted by homeowners. The pushlok technology increases the roll-out speed, which is critical to meet the UK Government target.


As a result of an ever-growing partnership, Telenco UK hosted the first ever Corning Incorporated Masterclass at their premises in Swindon, in June 2023. Providing customers with an opportunity to get hands-on with popular Corning items. The Corning Masterclass was presented by Corning and Industry experts who answered all types of questions from small to complex.The day was a real success that involved many conversations about the projection of the telecommunications industry, market recaps and what to expect.  As a Corning distributor in the UK, Telenco UK supports companies installing fibre to properties across the UK, striving towards meeting the government's target of the UK being full fibre by 2025.


As an authorised distributor of Corning, Telenco UK is able to host events as mentioned in association and partnership with Corning Incorporated, the Open Day in 2022 was a real highlight of the progress Telenco UK has made recently in becoming a reputable distributor in the UK. Showcasing internationally renowned brands as well as Corning such as VIAVI Solutions, Brady, INNO Instrument and CBS Products, to see a recap of our first open day click here


Discover the full Corning range available at Telenco UK here.

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